About us

About us

People generate value

A company made of people

Solazzo srl is a company where people generate value.
For more than 20 years Solazzo srl believed that human capital is the most important resource for the growth of a group, a family, that’s how we like to define ourselves.

Solazzo srl represents a specific development, started more than twenty years ago with its founder Gianluca Solazzo.

Like any good story, ours too, begins from a small basement, with many initial sacrifices and one strong idea, a VISION: combining Italian
artisan skills
, with strong technological innovation and a quick production capacity.

From this great combo Solazzo srl was born with: high quality standards, rapid delivery and high customer satisfaction.


Our success is believing in what we do by creating what we believe in. This is our MISSION, to grow in the field of innovation through the use of new production methods with particular attention to staff training, the cornerstone of our company philosophy.

We reinvent the window as part of a tool of design, no longer as just a tool, as a form of art that will make everything more precious, enhances and increases the beauty of an architecture.
We take care of details in order to give to the touch and to the look, a great emotional feeling.

After all, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what’s essential it is invisible to the eye.
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Solazzo’s Backgroud

A past, our past

What was a small reality born in the heart of Salento – Italy-, soon established itself, first as a local power, then becoming a company able to extend his product to the entire Italian territory. Solazzo srl is a solid Italian brand and present, thanks to its unique sales network, in each and every region of Italy.

Today Solazzo srl is committed to expand its business over the Italian territory and creating international connections in order to became a solid world-wide establishment.

Know how

The constant improvement within our staff’s techniques has allowed for significant growth, the acquisition of extremely high-level of precision and experience has allowed us to improve our production processes to the point of reaching automate processing which is our strength.

Better quality

Keep researching, in both, finishes and production processes, allows us to guarantee you an excellent product in every aspect single.
Each phase of the production cycle is taken care in every single detail and monitored according to a certified “Factory Production Control”, to provide a quick service and the best customer service from pre to post-sales with dedicated customer care.
For us there is no greater value than to be reliable.


In order to improve you need to look beyond and create the future.
Our R&D team is constantly committed to create new solutions, products and innovating processes.
In other words: High standards of quality, sustainability, safety.
A virtuous circle, a path that starts from people and generates value!

Production Processes

We guarantee constant improvement in our production processes and higher quality standards.

“Manufacturing” is the equivalent of innovating, growing in skills, knowledge and technology as pivot.

Manufacturing means transferring our love in each object we create, through the care of each phase.
For us, Production Processes is all of this.

We create windows and doors out of passion and transform all this into a product of great excellence, the result of deep knowledge and the most innovative production systems.